Keene's Housing Market

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Keene is the County Seat in Cheshire County

  • There are 30,743 households across Cheshire County including 10,110 housing units in Keene.   (,
  • The median single family home sale price in Keene in 2017 was $185,000 for 972 units sold at an average 84 DOM.
  • The median rent for a 2-bedroom unit in Cheshire County is $1,063 which is about 15% lower than the New Hampshire state average.   (


As the county seat, Keene has diverse housing options for your employees.  

In addition to existing rental options, there are two large, modern, multi unit residential buildings in development right in downtown Keene.  The buildings will offer over 200 residential apartments and condos within short walking distance of Keene's many amenities including shopping, healthcare, night life, bike trails, parks and many recreation options.

The current single family housing market provides a wide range of opportunities from the affordable to the luxurious.  This is particularly the case at present as there are many single family housing options soon to be made available by a shift amongst senior home owners who are planning to sell their homes and move into new, modern senior living communities here in Keene.

"There is a robust surge of positive energy in the real estate market in Keene , New Hampshire.  Having come out of the economic downturn nearly 10 years ago, Keene is experiencing strong activity, buyers are entering the market and home sellers are realizing gains again.  Having grown up in Keene, leaving and then returning to raise a family, I fully understand the draw to this community.  There is a perfect balance of people moving to area, relocating, young buyers, retirees that keeps Keene’s well-oiled real estate engine moving.  Good employment opportunities, vibrant arts & entertainment and strong educational offerings make Keene the 'heart of New England'.  The strong real estate market in the area in 2018 suggests this positive review will continue for years to come."

Joshua Greenwald, President, Monadnock Region Board of Realtors®

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