economic development action plan cover

Economic Development Action Plan

 The City of Keene's Economic Development Plan identifies municipal actions that are necessary to create a modern day development climate that feeds business and industrial growth while also preserving the excellent quality of life enjoyed by our constituents. 

A vibrant economy, one of the six vision focus areas of the Keene Comprehensive Master Plan, is the driving force for this action plan.  Specifically, the “Vibrant Economy” focus area aims to provide for employment opportunities and a balanced local economy.  Growth in the local economy will require:

  1. Supporting the growth of existing Keene businesses,
  2. Continuing to incubate new businesses,
  3. Attracting businesses to locate and develop in Keene.

The goals of this plan include

  • Streamlining the local development process,
  • Drawing investment in business and industry development projects that effectively expand the Keene property tax base,
  • Providing living wage job opportunities for Keene residents,
  • Developing a qualified local workforce to meet business needs while also retaining our capable youth population by providing valuable career opportunities.